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Top 10 revolutionary concept bikes

The world is altering for the pits, but atleast the people from the biking world can swank of a contrary notion. The concepts, which  have evolved over the past few years, are definitely heart warming and since we people have the tendency to forget, let us just rev up and see the stunning concepts that have made an impact and left a lasting impression.

10. The SAGA

Designer: Paul Yang and Larry Nagel
Status : Project Motorcycle
Credibility: It was a first time project, which only took seven months for completion

Paul Yang wasn’t a designer by profession and he merely fluked it to join hands 
with the famous Larry Nagel but the amateur status of Paul did not prove to be a 
hindrance by any means. Indeed, a first time project bike conventionally takes 18 
to 24 months for completion and these two managed to produce a moving guzzler mere seven months which talks highly about the efficiency and dedication of this Duo.

9. Chrysler Tomahawk

Designer: Daimler Chrysler
Status: Production ready
Engine: V 10
Credibility: A sculpture that can be ridde

Chrysler Tomahawk for me is the ‘Big Daddy’ of all motorcycles. You ask me a reason and I have one many; for a V10 engine, which makes it capable of producing 500 horses powers it, is the foremost of them all. With a capacity of 8.3 liters and a ten-cylinder engine, it can literally fly at 400 mph. 
Hats off to Daimler Chrysler for making this bike reach the production floor !

8. Peraves Monotracer

Designer: Swiss Manufacturer Peraves
Status : Being limitedly produced (100 units each year)
Engine: BMW 1200 CC, 130 hp
Credibility: Combines the aptitude of a car and a bike

The Peraves Monotracer combines the features of a sports bike and a sports car and if any of you doubt it, just as a substantiation, it took Peraves some 90 
prototypes and 12 million kilometers to be sure that they live up to the rumored 
repute . When the driver dives into a corner a retractable stabilizer wheel is 
positioned in less than a half a second, enabling the bike to lean up to 52 degrees 
more, than most sport bikes in their lifetime.

7. BMW IMME 1200

Designer : Nicolas Bubar and Yves Dufeutrelle from ISD
Status: Prototype
Engine : A 150 hp engine based on the BMW 1200  Boxer
Credibility: A startling concept evolved by two rookie  designers 

Nicolas Bubar (22) and Yves Dufeutrelle (24) are design students at the 
international school of design and they thought that a sports bike based on the BMW 1200 boxer would be good idea. Tell you what folks; it definitely was a good idea for the IMME 1200 would now be presented at the next Munich Motorcycle Show at BMW stands.

6. The Dacoit

Designer: Nitin Khosa
Status: Concept bike
Credibility: Devil Personified

Nitin Khosa designed this amazing concept to satiate a thirty plus individual who 
was looking to redeem his attitude and youth with a stunning, aggressive, and evil 
looking bike. Khosa answered his cause by creating the Dacoit (a class of robbers 
in India who act in gangs and are usually armed and dangerous). The face of the 
bike depicts an evil figure whose eyes/headlights are peeping from underneath the 

5. The Embrio

Designer: Canadian multinational Bombardier
Engine : Complex hydrogen fuel cell
Status : Prototype
Credibility: Single wheeled, emits only water vapor

The Embrio from Bombraider is a prototype, which could become a virtual reality 
somewhere around 2025 for this technology is too ultramodern considering the 
present generation bikes. It sports a single wheel and is powered by a hydrogen 
fuel cell, which creates power by mixing hydrogen and oxygen, creating only water 
as a by-product.

4. The Renovatio

Designer : Ed Jacobs
Engine: 135 hp, V-twin engine, specially designed by Katech
Status : Pre -Production
Credibility: Easy to upgrade and reconfigure

Confederate Motorcycles lead designer Ed Jacobs designed this drastic bike concept with large attachment points easily available on the engine ensuring improvements and assorted configurations at ease. Powered by a V-Twin engine, it produces 135 hp at 125ft/lbs of torque. Confederate is confident about this unique concept it has developed and it plans to produce it some time this 

3. The V-Rex

Designer : Tim Cameron
Engine: Harley Davidson Revolution V-Twin engine
Status : Being Mass-Produced
Credibility : It took a leap from the computer screen to metal and rubber

For Tim Cameron, the Australian designer of this bike, it was a mere ‘dream bike’ 
for he thought dreams were the only place where he would ride it, but as they say 
destiny drives us all, this bike had to become a reality. Tim Cameron’s dream were 
given realistic proportions by the 200mph ‘Y2K’ jet turbine-powered bike fame 
Christian Travert and now the experts dub it as the most startling motorcycle 
design ever seen .

2. The Hyanid

Designer : Oliver Keller and Tillman Schlootz
Engine: 60hp, 500cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder
Status : One fifth of a scale model / currently not going into production
Credibility : Potent for any terrain, courtesy of its flexible rubber trea

Designed for last years Michelin Design Challenge, the Hyanide impressed on and all with its amazing ability to conquer any terrain. Its flexible rubber treads could 
pull the machine through, even if its slightest part is touching the ground. We 
have had no news of it since then but we are just hoping that the Germans decide to send it to the production floor.

1. Detonator V4 6.

Designer : Daniel Simon
Engine: 6 liter, 4 Cylinder
Status: Concept/Sculpture
Credibility: Bears no semblance to any existing concepts

The, ‘too hot to handle’, Detonator V4 6.0, is a mere sculpture with no intention 
of being a functional bike. This machine looks like a crossover between a chopper 
and an automotive soldered android and hmmm! It reminds me of those big pizza 

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